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Lileks laments the lists of the lists

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James Lileks
James Lileks
Courtesy of James Lileks

Star Tribune columnist James Lileks has had it with lists. 

You know the ones: Those compilations ranking a city or an area as the best place to live, to raise a family, to get a sandwich.

Minneapolis shows up on lots of them.

In his Friday column, Lileks writes:

  All things considered, we have it good. Let us speak no more of lists. Unless "All Things Considered" wants me to come on and talk about the list, in which case: name the time!

The time is now, and we accepted the challenge.

Lileks joined MPR News host Steven John to discuss the rampant lists of lists. 

And: Are we living in a near Utopia around here or are there just so many lists that eventually everybody's going to get bragging rights about something?