What's next for Jamar Clark demonstrators and activists?

Ibrahim Kamia, with his daughter Yeleen
Ibrahim Kamia of Minneapolis, with his daughter Yeleen, 3, drove a minivan full of wood from his backyard to donate for fires to warm Black Lives Matter protesters outside the 4th Precinct Nov. 19. He said he wanted his daughter to see the scene.
Angela Jimenez for MPR News

The response to the shooting of Jamar Clark in north Minneapolis has often been angry and defiant.

Activists have made demands very specific to the Clark case: the release of video tapes, for instance, or a federal investigation of the shooting. But the rhetoric at rallies and news conferences has also often shifted to broader themes, such as justice and systemic change.

At times, the demonstrations have had the feel of a movement.

So what's ahead for the demonstrators and other stakeholders?

MPR News reporter Peter Cox contributed to this report.