Roundtable: Living conditions in low-rent housing

This summer, we've been looking at the issue of affordable housing, from the lack of new affordable homes on the market to often-overlooked manufactured home parks.

MPR News host Tom Weber now turn his attention to the living conditions of low-rent housing.

The term "slumlord" isn't something people typically associate with Twin Cities housing, but according to Roberto de la Riva, community organizer with Inquilinxs Unidxs por Justica, there are a lot of local landlords who manage low-rent housing that has problems with insect infestations and building disrepair.

Weber spoke with three guests about these issues, from the concerns of tenants to how legislators could act to improve standards of living:

• Darielle Dannen, public policy director of Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers
• Owen Duckworth, coalition organizer for Alliance for Metropolitan Stability
• Roberto de la Riva, community organizer for Inquilinxs Unidxs por Justica

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