Yes, Trump will be on Minnesota ballot

In a move that would not ordinarily qualify as news, the Minnesota Secretary of State's office on Thursday listed Donald Trump and Mike Pence on the November ballot as the Republican candidates for president and vice president.

The only reason it's worth noting is that former Republican state senate staffer Michael Brodkorb raised an alert on Twitter Wednesday night about whether the Republican Party of Minnesota followed the proper procedure in electing alternate electors back at congressional district conventions -- a necessary step to get Trump on the ballot.

But at the Minnesota State Fair Thursday, Republican Party Chair Keith Downey said Brodkorb was mistaken.

He acknowledged that party officials thought they had done everything they needed to several weeks ago, but when they discovered the issue involving the alternate electors they left it to the state executive committee to fix.

“Our state constitution says that your executive committee can do what it needs to do to get the electors all organized, so they are,” Downey said.

The executive committee met Wednesday night, Downey said and sent paperwork to the secretary of state's office Thursday morning.

"People can make a big deal out of it if they want," Downey said. "The deadline is the 29th."

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