Vin Weber signs anti-Trump letter

Former Minnesota Congressman Vin Weber is among 30 former House Republicans who signed a letter announcing they won't vote for Donald Trump for president.

The letter, made public Thursday, calls Trump an "unacceptable danger" to the nation and unqualified to be president. The signatories don't unify around an alternative choice in the race.

Weber said in a telephone interview that he hasn't decided whom he'll vote for or if he'll skip that race on his otherwise straight-ticket Republican ballot.

"The party made a mistake, and I'm sorry they made a mistake," he said. "But I can't simply back somebody that I think is bad for the country, and I think a lot of Republicans feel the same way."

Weber previously told a television interviewer that he would consider voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a worst-case scenario.

A message left with a Trump campaign spokesman wasn't immediately returned.

Weber supported former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the presidential primaries.

Weber served in Congress for a decade ending in the early 1990s. He has become an influential party strategist and lobbyist in Washington but still has strong ties to Minnesota.

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