Photos: Braving the cold to see the Stillwater ice castle

The moon rises above Ice Castle walls.
1 The moon rises above the walls of the Ice Castles in Stillwater on Friday. There are ice castles in four U.S. cities and one in Canada this winter. 
Young girls race down the ice slide.
2 Eight-year-old Lexi Raleigh, left, and 9-year-old Nora Tweed race down the ice slide in the ice castle. 
10-foot-thick ice walls in Stillwater.
3 The Stillwater lift bridge and a tower from the Allen S. King power plant rise above the nearly 10-foot-thick walls. 
Loren Johnson takes a photo of his wife Pam.
4 Loren Johnson takes a photo of his wife, Pam, inside one of the ice caves. In Stillwater from Rochester to celebrate their anniversary, the couple wasn't fazed by the single-digit temperatures. "It was about this cold when we got married 40 years ago," Loren said. 
Looking up inside an ice cave.
5 Icicles hang down from the ceiling of one of the ice caves. 
Newlyweds share a frigid kiss for the camera.
6 Chris and Taylor Harchantl pose for a chilly photo shortly after their wedding inside the castle. 
Young girls peer into an ice chasm,
7 Nine-year-old Nora Tweed and 8-year-old Lexi Raleigh look down into a lit ice chasm. 
Two fire pits help keep visitors warm.
8 Two fire pits are surrounded by visitors braving the frigid temperatures Friday.