In new solo album, Trampled by Turtles frontman explores painful times

Dave Simonett of Dead Man Winter
Dave Simonett of Dead Man Winter
Nate Ryan | MPR

After more than a decade leading the Duluth bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles, guitarist and songwriter Dave Simonett stepped away from the band to record a very personal album — one that reflects a difficult time of divorce and family struggle.

Simonett wrote the songs in one bone-chilling winter week while staying in a Minnesota cabin. The resulting album is called "Furnace," which Simonett performs under the pseudonym Dead Man Winter.

Simonett joined MPR News host Tom Weber in the MPR studios for an interview and some music.

Song list, performed in this order:

This House Is On Fire

I Remember This Place Being Bigger

Weight of the World

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