84% of Minnesotans support renewable energy funding

If you live in Minnesota you probably support the idea of renewable energy research. You are also likely to believe that global warming is real, according to The Yale Project on Climate Communication.

Data from the newly updated Yale Climate Opinion Maps shows more than 8 of 10 Minnesotans (84%) support funding for renewable energy research.

Yale MN policy
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

The study shows 71% of Minnesotans "trust climate scientists about global warming."

Yale MN
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Twin Cities leads climate change opinion

The Twin Cities area shows the highest understanding rate of accepted climate science. The Yale data shows fully 77% of residents in Hennepin and Ramsey counties in the Twin Cities urban metro core believe "global warming is happening."

Yale climate maps MN
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Minnesota's most populated county, Hennepin County, shows the highest levels of support for climate science in Minnesota. Fully 77% of residents in Hennepin County believe global warming is happening, and 63% say it's caused by human activities. Three in four Hennepin County residents trust climate scientists on climate change science.

Yale Hennepin County
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

More than 70% believe "global warming is happening" in several Minnesota counties including Cook, St. Louis, Olmsted and Nicollet.

The county with the lowest scores on climate change belief? Sherburne County between the Twin Cities and St. Cloud where just 61% of residents accept global warming as a fact. That's 9% below the national average of those who believe global warming is occurring.

Overall a growing majority, fully 70% of people in the USA say global warming is happening. Those numbers have moved higher in the past decade.

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