Bicyclists boon to Minnesota's economy, health

Wheel assembly
1 Jen Wenmark and Nick Faircloth assemble wheels in the QBP Wheelhouse in Bloomington, Minn. 
Snowy commute
2 A cyclist rode through traffic along Cedar Avenue South despite the winter weather conditions. 
Uptown criterium
3 Minneapolis resident James Reid rode his bike with his dog Maya. 
Joachim Mertens, Andrew Folpe
4 Joachim Mertens and Andrew Folpe train for a ride their bikes on an unpaved road Saturday, May 11, 2013, to train for the Almanzo. 
Elite Amateurs raced on Lake Street.
5 Cyclists raced on Lake Street in Uptown during the 2015 North Star Bicycle Festival's Elite Amateur race. 
A bicyclist pedals down Washington Ave.
6 A bicyclist pedals down Washington Ave. near the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis, Minn., Monday, Nov. 30, 2015. 
Fall heat
7 Bicyclists ride along Minnehaha Parkway.