Pro-Trump rally draws other clashing groups

State Patrol officers form a line between clashing groups at the Capitol.
Minnesota State Patrol officers form a line between clashing groups during a pro-Trump rally at the State Capitol on May 6, 2017.
Mark Zdechlik | MPR News

A Trump rally at the state Capitol Saturday drew anti-Trump demonstrators and self-described supporters of white rights.

As a small group of Trump supporters held an orderly rally inside the Capitol rotunda, other groups gathered outside on the Capitol steps.

State patrol officers stood as a barrier between one larger group protesting Trump and the other which included people who said they were standing for the rights of white people.

Throughout the afternoon they exchanged heated insults.

John Thompson of St. Paul was there to protest the president's policies.

"These people support Donald Trump and his ideology," said Thompson. "They support the wall that Donald Trump is trying to build, They support oppression. They support pretty much everything that's against civilized, normal human beings, man."

Anton Rays stood on the other side.

"I've been on record saying that white lives matter which I believe," said Rays. "I think it's something that should be said."

The anti-Trump group of several dozen people outnumbered the other demonstrators.

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