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Emily Baxter is pretty sure you've committed a crime

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Are you a criminal if you exceed the speed limit? Or if you did something illegal because it was a teenage dare? 

Emily Baxter, executive director of We Are All Criminals, has been looking at the complex world of being a criminal. 

She has spent the past four years gathering stories on people who got away with a crime, that's most of us, those who got a second chance after being convicted of a crime and those who live in a perpetual cycle of incarceration. 

She spoke to MPR News host Tom Weber about the We Are All Criminals campaign -- and the book by the same name -- that wants more people to know that while one in four people in the U.S. has a criminal record four in four people in the U.S have a criminal history.  

They were joined by Richard McLemore II, director of Employment & Housing at Ujamaa Place and is the vice chair of We Are All Criminals. 

 Listen to their discussion by using the audio player above.