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In #MeToo movement, low-wage and blue collar workers say 'don't forget about us'

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The #MeToo movement called out high-profile men like movie executives, politicians, and journalists, who used their power to sexually harass subordinates.  But away from the limelight, in workplaces like factories, farms, restaurants, and retail stores — workers tell stories of sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation that is pervasive and endemic — especially in male-dominated industries.

When journalists Susan Chira and Catrin Einhorn met with current and former employees of Ford's Chicago automotive plants, they learned of women who'd experienced everything from men making lewd comments, to men soliciting sex in exchange for promotions, topped off by a union that was mostly missing in action.  

MPR News host  Kerri Miller spoke with Chira about her reporting. Together with Karla Altmayer, a lawyer and co-founder of Chicago-based Healing to Action, they discussed how to change the culture in industries that are male dominated, and workplaces in which women struggle to wield any kind of power.

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