America Abroad: 'Syria and Fragile States'

Syrian volunteers attempt to put out a fire in Maaret al-Numan
Syrian civil defense volunteers attempting to put out a fire in the city of Maaret al-Numan in the rebel-held Idlib province, following reported regime air strikes according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Amer Alhamwe | AFP | Getty Images

An America Abroad program about fragile states like Syria. An exploration of why this instability happens, how it affects the people who live there, and the best way to get them back on track.

Public radio's "1A" host Joshua Johnson moderates a town hall that takes a broader look at US involvement in places like Syria and other fragile states. The panelists examine what's gone right, and where the US foreign policy is falling short.

Seven years into a brutal civil war in Syria, we are reminded how fragile states can lead to regional instability, cause humanitarian crises and fall prey to extremist organizations, such as ISIS.

The America Abroad anchor is Madeleine Brand.

The guests in this program are:

Nancy Lindborg, president, U.S. Institute of Peace.

Ilan Goldenberg, director, Middle East Security Program, Center for a New American Security.

Kimberly Kagan, founder and president, The Institute for the Study of War.

To listen to the program, click the audio player above.

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