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Hot front: Season’s first 90 possible late this week

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We all know there are two seasons in Minnesota: winter and road construction.

Orange cones decorate your commute once again these days. Our seasonal transition has been undeniably abrupt this year.

This week, temperatures will soar to the highest levels so far this "spring." Thermometers push the 90-degree mark by Thursday and Friday afternoon.

5 22 wx
NOAA via Weather Bell.

Spotty thunder

Wednesday's hot front arrives with a thundery clap for southwest Minnesota Wednesday morning. The storms will likely fade before they reach the Twin Cities Wednesday morning. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations North American Mesoscale Forecast System 3 km resolution model capture two waves of thunder rumbling across southern Minnesota Wednesday.

5 22 nam 33
NOAA NAM model for Wednesday via tropical tidbits.

Marginal risk

There isn't a great focusing mechanism for severe storms this week. Severe weather parameters are marginal at best for southwest Minnesota into tomorrow morning. A few pulse-type thunderstorms may approach severe limits in southern Minnesota Wednesday.

5 22 risky

The best chance for rain appears to be Thursday and Friday, but coverage still looks spotty.

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