Come for the minor league baseball, stay for the theater

Major League Baseball players have many rules -- written and unwritten -- about how they should comport themselves on the field. But when you play for an unaffiliated baseball team in an independent league,  your methods of self-expression are apparently, uh, a little more flexible.

Exhibit A: Monday night's Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks game.

Brennan Metzger became somewhat animated upon learning he'd been called out by the home plate umpire and decided to express his displeasure in a creative way (warning: salty language can be heard):

The garbage can was later removed.

"The guy tossed me for saying, 'You're killing me,'" Metzger said afterward.

This being unaffiliated baseball, it couldn't stop there.

I know, I know. We can't condone this sort of behavior. What will the children say?

Well, they might say, "Hey, skip. Thanks for third base!"

That happened at Tuesday night's Fargo-Moorhead game, with Chicago Dogs manager (and former Red Sox kinda-great) Butch Hobson providing the entertainment.

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