MN Health searches for mystery woman who dropped off rabid bats

State health officials are searching for a woman who dropped off two dead bats at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center on Thursday and then left. The bats tested positive for rabies and she may not know she was potentially exposed to the disease.

The Minnesota Department of Health is now seeking to learn if the unidentified woman or anyone else was exposed to the bats while the creatures were alive. She left the veterinary center before staff could get more information.

If you are the woman who dropped off the bats, or know the person who did, the agency said Tuesday that it wants to hear from you so that rabies disease specialists can assess whether anyone needs rabies prevention shots. The Health Department number to call is 651-201-5414.

"Rabies is a fatal illness that is transmitted through bites from infected animals. Bats are of particular concern because their teeth are so tiny that a bite may not be felt or even leave a noticeable mark," the department said, adding that anyone who's touched a bat or finds a bat in the room of a sleeping person should safely capture it and get it tested for rabies.

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