Midterm election 2018 quiz: Who is the Minnesota gubernatorial candidate you agree with most?

Four gubernatorial candidates will be on the general election ballot.
In the general election, four gubernatorial candidates from Republican, DFL, Libertarian and Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis parties will be on the November ballot.
Jiwon Choi | MPR News

Minnesotans will vote for the state's next governor this year.

Early voting begins Sept. 21, 2018. Election Day is Nov. 6. Regardless of when you choose to cast your ballot, voting takes research.

One way is to take our Select A Candidate quiz to see what statements from the candidates align with your own thoughts.

So go ahead and test your assumptions about the candidates. This quiz may challenge your thinking.

To be clear, we are not telling you who to vote for. Select A Candidate is meant to show you who is running and their position on issues.

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