Which Minnesota 5th Congressional District candidate do you agree with most?

Ilhan Omar and Jennifer Zielinski
Ilhan Omar and Jennifer Zielinski, a Democrat and Republican, respectively, are running for Congress in Minnesota's 5th District.
Omar by Tim Nelson, MPR News | Zielinski courtesy of the campaign

Ilhan Omar and Jennifer Zielinski are campaigning in an open-seat race to represent Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, representing Minneapolis and its suburbs to the west and north.

Omar, a state legislator, is running with the Democrats' endorsement in this left-leaning district. Zielinski, a Republican activist who works in health care, is on the GOP ticket.

If you're undecided how to vote, try our quiz to see which candidate aligns most with your thinking on some big issues this midterm election.

To be clear, MPR News is not telling you how to vote in this race. Select A Candidate quizzes are meant to show who's running and where they stand on major issues.

Here's the quiz:

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