Chris Farrell's conversation on the creative economy

Conversation on the Creative Economy.
Conversation on the Creative Economy in August 2018. From left, Chris Farrell, Gloria Contreras Edin, Lachelle Cunningham and Jamie Glover.
Linda Miller | MPR

In the United States, minority-owned businesses are growing faster than non-minority-owned businesses. Thirty-six percent of all non-farm and non-publicly held businesses are owned by women.

Many of these businesses are small, on average. Yet their economic impact is growing, as measured in jobs, revenue and impact in local communities. Chris Farrell hosted a conversation with three female entrepreneurs in three different industries: Food, law and clothing.


Lachelle Cunningham, chief executive officer and executive chef at Chelles' Kitchen.

Gloria Contreras Edin, owner and manager of the law firm Contreras & Metelska.

Jamie Glover, co-founder and president of ASIYA, Modest Active Wear.

The Inclusive Economic Prosperity in the Midwest Summit was sponsored by the Council on Foundations on August 29, 2018.

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