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The Five: A love story, a Jane Eyre retelling, and a protest song

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"My Plain Jane" cover
"My Plain Jane" by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows

Every week, senior producer Stephanie Curtis recommends five things to see, do or experience.

1. Ezra Klein, the founder of Vox, has a long-form interview podcast called "The Ezra Klein Show." The Jan. 31 edition, "This Episode Will Change How You Understand Misogyny" is a must-listen. If you don't know Kate Manne, she is a philosopher who decided to think deeply about what misogyny actually is after the Elliot Rodgers murdered 6 people in 2014. It will make you see American society with a new lens.  

2. For Valentine's Day, a tale of octagenarians reuniting 60 years after they fell in love as teenagers. It's a touching story about the complexity of relationships and the comfort we take from one another. (Warning: You may want to book a trip to Italy to eat at a spectacular-sounding restaurant situated in a cave.)

3. My daughter recommends "My Plain Jane," a YA novel with Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte as the main characters.  The book promises "there will be murder. Mayhem. Conspiracy. And, of course, romance." She read it in one day and would like you to read it, too.

4.  A production of Falsettos, a witty and moving musical about a complicated modern family, opens at the Ordway next week. It's about a man named Marvin, who is a little buttoned-up, leaving his wife for a flighty, lovable guy named Whizzer. His wife and son and their psychiatrists are also main characters; everyone is fleshed out. It's an outstanding book. And it'll leave you a weeping puddle.

5. Franklin Boukaka died 47 years ago this month. The Congolese singer and songwriter was murdered during a failed coup. In "Le Bucheron," he wraps lyrics dripping with deep political resentment against those in power with a catchy, beautiful tune that makes you sway.