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The Five: A card game, some poetry and a scary movie

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On this week's The Five, producer Tracy Mumford gives host Stephanie Curtis her picks for things to watch, read and hear. 

  1. • Euchre — Euchre is a card game played with partners. It's fast paced and involves "tricks" that teams try to win. The team to get at least three of the tricks wins the game.

  1. • "The Carrying" by Ada Limon — This collection of poems from Limon explores a girl caring for aging parents and a woman struggling with fertility. It won the National Book Critics Circle Award.

  1. • "Russian Doll" — This show is like a dark take on "Groundhog Day." The main character Nadia (played by Natasha Lyonne) relives her 36th birthday and her death everyday.

  1. • "Us— Jordan Peele, creator of "Get Out," returns with another horror movie. In this film, a couple goes to their vacation home and gets terrorized by a group of doppelgangers.

  1. • "Hometown" by Meg Kirsch — This song from Kirsch's new album "Street Cat" has an indie folk feel to it.