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Art Hounds: 'Outcry' encourages women to scream it out

Whitney Bradshaw's photo project "Outcry."
Whitney Bradshaw's photo project "Outcry" empowers women to express their rage and frustration. The show runs Thursday through June 30 at The Show Gallery Lowertown in St. Paul.
Courtesy of Whitney Bradshaw

Educator Sam DiVita is impressed by photographer Whitney Bradshaw's portrait series "Outcry." Bradshaw photographs individual women screaming, and then fills a gallery with the results. DiVita says the exhibition made him think of all the reasons woman have to scream, and how hard it can be for women to be heard. "Outcry" runs through June 30 at The Show Gallery Lowertown in St. Paul.

Musician and composer Emily Youngdahl Wright recommends listening to blues singer and storyteller Jerry Ostensoe. Ostensoe lives in Granite Falls, Minn., and Wright says his music conveys the feeling of the wide-open plains. Ostensoe was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALS; he just recently celebrated the release of his latest self-titled CD, which he says will be his last. Wright says knowing Ostensoe's story makes listening to his music that much more compelling.

Improv artist Janet Polli has become a fan of Saturday nights at HUGE Improv Theater. First, "OMG" features women reading excerpts from their childhood diaries, and then using the material as fodder for improv. Then "The Mess" brings together some of the Twin Cities' best improv talent for a completely new show every week. Both shows run through the end of June.

This activity is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.
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