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Minnesota's most interesting lakes

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Brady Gervais runs around Lake Harriet.
Brady Gervais runs nearby Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Many lakes have unique features and names, and face threats to their health and quality.
Tony Saunders | MPR News 2018

It's lake season in Minnesota.

And on Friday's show, we talked about the history of our lakes.

Some have odd features or surprising names, like Lake Wakanda near Willmar. Many face threats to their health and quality.

The man who works as the keeper of lake names and a freshwater advocate joined host Angela Davis to discuss Minnesota's lake names, lake culture, and the greatest threats to their health. Marilee Druskin, who spearheaded renaming Lake Wakanda near Wilmar, joined for a few moments to talk about restoring the area and if it has gained popularity after the release of "Black Panther."


Jeff Forester, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates executive director

Pete Boulay, climatologist at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He also oversees the long list of Public Waters Name Changes.

Marilee Druskin, lives off Lake Wakanda near Willmar and helped rename the lake

Use the audio player above to listen to the conversation.