Fresh breeze Wednesday; steamy weekend; 4th wettest ‘year’ in Minnesota

We lucked out with the threat for strong storms Tuesday.

Considerable cloud cover kept temperatures in the 70s across most of Minnesota Tuesday. That limited the amount of surface heating available to generate strong thunderstorms. Instead, we saw mostly garden variety showers.

Showers gradually fade overnight across Minnesota. A few spotty showers may pop up Wednesday, but northwest breezes blow in less humid air by Wednesday night.

Thursday brings the sunniest and most comfortable day this week. Then a steamy air mass with dew points in the 70s pushes back Friday into the weekend.

Dew points in the mid to upper 70s anyone?


7 9 dd
NOAA GFS model dew points map for 7 pm CDT Friday via tropical tidbits.

Our free weekend sauna features highs in the upper 80s to near 90.

7 9 1 ww2
NOAA via Weather Bell.

4th wettest 'year' on record in Minnesota

It's not your imagination. The past year has been very wet in the Upper Midwest. The latest 12-month period is the 4th wettest on record for Minnesota and the  3rd wettest in Wisconsin. Here are the rankings from NOAA.

Bolts from the blue

This is a great example of why we say stay indoors when thunder roars. Lightning strikes have been recorded more than 20 miles away from parent thunderstorms. Check out this beauty.

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