Spotty storm damage; heat builds; Barry blows in

An isolated severe thunderstorm tracked across southern Minnesota Friday. The cell started near Cottonwood and blew through Redwood Falls, Gaylord, Arlington, Jordan, and Belle Plaine as it clipped the south metro. Some spotty tree damage occurred along the path.

There may be a few isolated evening thundershowers Friday night, but severe weather is not likely.

Heat builds

A hot muggy air mass blows into Minnesota this weekend.

7 12 1 ww rr
NOAA via Weather Bell.

Dew points are already int he 70s in southern Minnesota. I saw a dewpoint of 77 degrees in Sheldon, Iowa Friday afternoon. Here it comes, folks.

7 12 1 dd
NOAA GFS model dew point forecast for 7 pm CDT Sunday via tropical tidbits.

Barry blows in

Tropical Storm Barry is expected to approach hurricane force as it rolls ashore Saturday. Wind-driven waves are already cutting off some roads on the barrier islands.

Here's another perspective.

Here's the latest track forecast for Barry.

7 12 b1

Heavy rainfall and flooding are still the biggest threats.

7 12 b2

Stay tuned.


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