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Storms deliver; free air conditioning next 48 hours

Strong storms hit parts of Minnesota

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Tuesday’s forecast for some potentially feisty storms delivered. Funnel clouds, gusty winds, lightning, thunder and locally heavy downpours battered the Twin Cities late Tuesday afternoon.

Flash flood warnings included St. Paul and suburbs Tuesday evening.

This tree limb blew down on University Avenue in Minneapolis.

Many storms showed rotation. Several funnel clouds danced across the landscape Tuesday afternoon. This funnel approached ground-level near Cologne in Carver County, southwest of the Twin Cities.

Tornadoes were sighted in southern Minnesota.

Several storms also packed hail.

Storms fade as they move east Tuesday night.

Free air conditioning ahead

Wednesday brings cooler breezes and lower dew points. You can give the air conditioner unit a rest for a couple days.

NOAA temperature forecast for Minneapolis via Weather Bell
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration temperature forecast for Minneapolis via Weather Bell
NOAA via Weather Bell