Art Hounds: The Clemency of Tito's Tennis Club

Plus, Art Hounds recommend an art show on anxiety and New Native Theatre's production of "The Rez Sisters"

Two people act expressively before a tree background
A scene from 'The Clemency of Tito's Tennis Club,' the 11th annual Picnic Operetta by Mixed Precipitation.
James Napoli | Classical MPR

Minnesota Chorale executive director Bob Peskin associates late summer and early fall with Mixed Precipitation’s annual picnic operetta, which mashes opera with more contemporary fare. This year’s production is “The Clemency of Tito’s Tennis Club” which combines Mozart’s “La Clemenza di Tito” with '80s new wave and synth-pop hits. The shows tour community gardens, parks, farms and wineries and the performances are interspersed with a peak-season tasting menu. The tour runs through Sept. 29, with stops in Hastings, New York Mills, Wykoff, Oronoco and Avon.

Jewelry maker and sculpture artist Tia Keo recommends paying a visit to Film North to check out the new group art exhibition “Anxiety About the Precise Significance of the Present and Uncertainty About the Future.” The artists are wrestling with climate change, racism, displacement and other sources of stress; Keo says the results — which span sculpture, photography, painting, film and poetry — are beautiful. There’s an opening reception tonight and the show runs through Oct. 31.

Longtime theater-goer Florence Brammer is looking forward to New Native Theatre’s production of “The Rez Sisters” at Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul. The play, written by Tomson Highway, is largely credited with inspiring a Native theatrical renaissance. It tells the stories of seven women planning a trip to the “Biggest Bingo in the World.” Brammer says New Native Theatre offers an important opportunity to see native stories on stage. Performances run through Sept. 1.

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