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Art Hounds: Reflecting on a lost art

Plus ‘Ugly Lies the Bone’ at the Commonweal Theatre and Threshold Theater’s ‘Fourplay’

A piece of art depicting train tracks and bluffs
"Evening along the Bluffs," by Stuart Loughridge, woodblock, 4x6.
Courtesy image

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Exploring the artistic journey

Dive into the captivating world of Stuart Loughridge, a local artist renowned for his mastery in etching, painting and drawing. Recommended by Gary Korlin, an independent fine artist in the Twin Cities.

Gary says: I’d like to introduce — or basically maybe reintroduce — Stuart Loughridge. He’s a local artist, and what I like about the guy is that he’s got three excellent elements working for him: education, talent and then it’s all run by his intuition.

He’s very interested in etching, which is sort of a lost art. And but he paints and draws. He paints in watercolor, he paints in oils. He does portraits, figures, still lifes — but, you know what, his passion is landscapes and a lot of them are very local.

This whole process is very exploratory. It’s definitely a show worth experiencing.

The show that Stewart is going to be having at the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis is going to be a little bit of everything. But the main focus is going to be on landscapes.

But the interesting thing is that this is going to be sort-of a tracking, or a tour, of his history. He’s going to have sketchbooks there, he’s going to have his plein air sketches, which he calls just “fieldwork” and it’s going to be leading up to finished pieces. This whole process is very exploratory. It’s definitely a show worth experiencing, I would say.

Stuart Loughridge’s show runs through May 25. This Saturday, Stewart is going to be doing a portrait demonstration. So that might be fun for a lot of you who are interested in just expanding your knowledge

Gary Korlin

Resilience and recovery

Discover the profound and poignant narrative of “Ugly Lies the Bone,” a play that explores the themes of healing and resilience. Recommended by St. Paul visual artist Bebe Keith.

Bebe says: “Ugly Lies the Bone” is playing at the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro.

A friend actually recommended this to me. She said the excellent portrayals and important subject matter were so compelling that she has already seen it twice.

It’s moving and, most of all, it’s hopeful.

The story is about Jess, a soldier returning home from war with injuries both — visible and unseen. She finds some relief through something called “virtual reality therapy.” It plunges her into an Arctic setting that helps with her burnt skin. So she strives toward healing, and she’s also trying to restore her relationships, home and all that she’s lost.

I’ve read the script and it had me in tears. Jess is broken and in despair — and she’s got some grit. It’s moving and, most of all, it’s hopeful.

They are offering a free performance on May 5 for anyone who has served or is currently serving in any branch of the military and their families.

“Ugly Lies the Bone” is playing at the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro through July 6.

Bebe Keith

People on stage
"Ugly Lies the Bone" at Commonweal Theatre, featuring Laurie Roberts (left) and Cody Beyer.
Peterson Creative Photography

Celebrating diversity and joy

Watch a unique collection of four short plays, penned by LGBTQ+ playwrights from across the country. Recommended by Minneapolis theater director Gretchen Weinrich.

Gretchen says: Threshold Theater’s new collection of plays is called “4Play.” It’s opening at the Bryant Lake Bowl on April 26. It’s a collection of four short plays written by LGBTQ+ playwrights that came from an open call for playwrights all across the country.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this show for a couple of reasons. First of all, Threshold has been holding staged readings of its place for a couple of years. But this is their first fully staged version with movement and sets and costumes. And they’re really excited to put that on and I’m really excited to see it.

These plays really look at things that are great about community or support — and joyful things about life.

The great thing about this collection, from what I understand, is that it shows LGBTQ+ folks in a bunch of different stages of life and experiences. And what I really like about it, from what I read about it, is that it’s really upbeat.

Oftentimes when we talk about groups that are quote-unquote marginalized sometimes the topic can be really depressing or sad. But these plays really look at things that are great about community or support — and joyful things about life.

Gretchen Weinrich

Five people pose for a theater promotional photo.
The cast of a short play in "4Play" by Threshold Theater.
Photo by David Schlosser
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