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Milder breezes and more sunshine return Thursday

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Feeling lucky? Want to roll the dice on weather and climate in Minnesota?

Become a farmer.

Water in cornfield near Stewart, Minnesota
Standing water in a cornfield near Stewart, Minn.
Paul Huttner | MPR News

Every year Minnesota farmers place their bets on the right combination of sunshine, rainfall, and temperatures for a viable crop. Even in an otherwise good weather year, one random hailstorm can take out your entire crop. One late spring or early fall freeze can mess up your year.

This year has delivered another wet season to farmers in the Upper Midwest. This is the wettest year on record for many locations. And the wet weather hits just keep on coming this fall.

Rochester is running 20 inches above average for precipitation this year.

Now multiply those risks by the constantly increasing hum of a wetter climate in Minnesota. Seven of the 19 wettest years in fields around La Crosse, Wis., have occurred in the last 19 years.

So it’s no shock that this year’s corn harvest is two full weeks behind schedule, according to Minnesota’s Crop Report. Just over half of topsoil in Minnesota shows surplus moisture. Farmers could use some dry weather to get into the fields.

The good weather news? A string of mostly dry and milder days is on the way.

Warming trend

Sunshine returns to most of Minnesota Thursday. Most of us will string together three to four dry weather days. Highs respond to our southerly breezes and mid-October sunshine and reach the mid-60s in the Twin Cities. Northern Minnesota hovers mostly in the upper 50s, but southwest Minnesota could reach 70 degrees the next few days.

Temperature forecast for Minneapolis
Temperature forecast for Minneapolis
NOAA via Weather Bell