MPR News AM Update: Legal pot advocates say vaping illnesses are a byproduct of the black market

Plus a wet and cold start to the weekend.

A bowl of medicinal marijuana
A bowl of medicinal marijuana is displayed in a booth at The International Cannabis and Hemp Expo at the Cow Palace in Daly City, California.
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Good morning and welcome to a new month. Here are 434 words to get your weekend started.

Wet and cold to start the weekend. Snow and rain likely in the Twin Cities, but don’t expect the fluffy stuff to last. Highs in the upper 30s with nighttime lows in the upper 20s. Statewide highs and lows in the 30s and 20s, respectively. The North could see snow, and central and southern Minnesota could see rain and snow mix. More on Updraft. | Forecast

A top legal marijuana proponent says vaping illness don’t conflict with his cause. Here’s House Majority Leader, Ryan Winkler, DFL-Golden Valley: “If you look at vaping issues and the illness and death that’s been caused, it’s primarily the result of people not knowing what they’re getting in the products they’re consuming, and because there isn’t a well-regulated marketplace … What we’re trying to do with cannabis is create a responsible, well-regulated marketplace.”

This challenge to Minnesota abortion law will be a lengthy court battle. A lawsuit takes aim at 13 abortion-restricting laws in Minnesota, with plaintiffs calling the targeted rules “medically unnecessary and legally untenable.” Attorney General Keith Ellison, a Democrat, has tried to dismiss the case.

Collin Peterson was one of two in Congress to break rank on the impeachment vote. The Democrat representing western Minnesota voted against formalizing the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Peterson and the three Minnesota Republicans voted against the investigation; the other four Democrats supported it.

Water Gremlin will stay closed as its executives make a plan to address lead poisoning. However, the Ramsey County judge who made the call wants the plant to reopen this weekend: “There are 320 employees that aren’t getting paid.”

Drones are helping Minnesota’s North Shore forests. Turns out a birds’-eye view helps. Watch our short video documentary to find out how.

Minnesota reports its first flu death of the season. The Minnesota Department of Health said it was an adult who died. Preliminary reports show 19 people have been hospitalized so far from the flu.

Trump will be Minnesota Republican’s only presidential candidate. State party officials submitted only Donald Trump’s name to the Secretary of State’s office for the state’s primary ballot. Republican Party Chair Jennifer Carnahan says Trump is “extremely popular” in Minnesota.

Ask a ‘sotan: How much playtime do young kids need? For young school students, a Minnesota parent wants to know whether 30 minutes of recess and only one or two days of PE is enough to help with their development, especially in a colder climate where outside play is limited.

Curious about an aspect of life in Minnesota? Pitch your question and we’ll answer the best ones in our “Ask a ‘sotan” feature.

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