What's on the radio today: Nov. 8, 2019

Here’s the radio lineup for Friday, Nov. 8.

9 a.m. — 1A with Joshua Johnson

America's political landscape has changed. Kentucky elects its first black attorney general. Tucson gets its first female and first Latina mayor. Catch yourselves up on a very busy week on the Friday News Roundup

Then, an international look: President Trump calls for a war on drug cartels after an ambush in Mexico kills nine Americans - including six children. Thousands of scientists say the climate crisis will lead to "untold human suffering,” the smog in Delhi can be seen from space. Meanwhile up in space, they're trying to bake cookies.

11 a.m. — MPR News with Angela Davis

Saturday is the Minnesota firearms deer opener and thousands of hunters are expected to head to the woods. But there’s one big change this hunting season. The state is launching its new deer dumpster program in areas where Chronic Wasting Disease has been found in wild deer. The whole program nearly fell apart before it even started. MPR News reporter John Enger gives an update and shares other deer hunting news.

Then, Fayneese Miller is the 20th president of Hamline University and the first African American to hold the position. She’s been on the job for more than 4 years. She will join Angela Davis in the studio for a conversation about her work and some of the biggest topics surrounding higher education, including sexual assault, student debt and race relations.

Noon — MPR News Presents

For many Americans, their political identity is hard to separate from their faith. One of the topics next time on The Takeaway’s "Politics with Amy Walter” is an exploration of how Christian voters think about the candidates in the 2020 election.

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