Springy start this week; soggy again starting Wednesday

More rain and snow pushes into Minnesota late this week

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Blue sky and emerging green grass on March 30 at the Weather Lab.
Blue sky and emerging green grass on March 30 at the Weather Lab.
Paul Huttner/MPR News

Our Monday weather is just what the weather doctor ordered for many of us.

Increasingly powerful spring sunshine and bright blue skies grace Minnesota today. The sun now is as high in the sky as September 10. Any snow that manages to fall this time of year isn’t long for these parts.

We enjoy another dry day tomorrow. Our weather takes a turn for the wetter again starting Wednesday. That sound you hear on your neighborhood walk is the hum of sump pumps sucking water from saturated ground away from our basements.

Carbon copy Tuesday

We enjoy more sunshine and slightly milder than average temperatures again Tuesday. Highs reach the 50s across much fo Minnesota once again. The average high and low for the Twin Cities are now 40 and 30 degrees.

Forecast high temperatures Tuesday
Forecast high temperatures Tuesday

Soggy again late this week

A few more showers sweep across Minnesota Wednesday. Models show a warm front working into southern Minnesota Thursday before another cold front slams us by Friday. A rain-to snow scenario looks likey once again. Too early to be confident about any possible snowfall accumulations just yet, but the system could deliver another inch of liquid for many of us.

The Canadian model seems to have a reasonable grasp at this early point.

Canadian model Wednesday into Friday
Canadian model Wednesday into Friday
NOAA via tropical tidbits

Ups and downs

Temperatures bounce around again over the next week. Tuesday, Thursday, and next Monday look like the mildest days ahead. A few models suggest we could hit 60 again Thursday in southeast Minnesota, and again by next Monday.

Temperature forecast for Twin Cities
Temperature forecast for Twin Cities
NOAA via Weather Bell

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