UK family's lockdown-themed rendition of 'Les Mis' is a delight

How do you keep yourself occupied during these long days inside the house? One British family had an idea: a lockdown-themed parody of the song "One Day More" from the musical “Les Misérables.”

The family from Kent worked on the lyrics together, based on their own frustrations: friends unseen, soccer matches canceled, beloved grandparents who can't figure out Skype.

They practiced a couple times at the dinner table, and then on Sunday afternoon, they got their video camera rolling, as they told the BBC in an interview Tuesday.

The resulting video is a delight. The kids belt out the song and really commit — after a bit of squabbling that probably looks familiar to many right now.

"We worked a lot on the harmonies, which was probably the main problem," one of the sons, Thomas Marsh, told the broadcaster. "But in terms of actual takes we just had the video camera rolling. Which is why we got the argument in it and it only took two takes."

What was the Marsh parents' secret to getting their children to perform? They bribed them with pizza.

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The Marshes posted the video on Facebook, where it has drawn more than 7 million views since Sunday.

The father, Ben Marsh, told the BBC that they've received loads of nice messages since then, including many from health care workers.

"It's just absolutely lovely to see that positivity and people saying this has brought a smile at a moment when it's difficult to smile," he said. "We didn't expect any of this to happen, but we're just really, really chuffed."

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