Vigorous snow squalls fade by Thursday evening

Some feisty snow squalls are blowing through Minnesota Thursday

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“If you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes.”

That old Minnesota weather saying seems fully appropriate today. Scattered snow, sleet, and graupel squalls are sailing southeastward in the unstable air mass across Minnesota Thursday.

A variety of precipitation types has fallen in the near-freezing air mass.

In between snow squalls, strong April sunshine heats up the atmosphere just enough to fuel the next vigorous, almost convective snow squall. Check out the temperature bouncing around at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport today in between snow squalls. Sunshine pushes temperature up, then temperatures plunge during snow squalls.

Temperature and dew points at MSP Airport
Temperature and dew points at MSP Airport

Our weather mellows Friday and temperatures recover into the 50s Saturday.

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