Cutting your hair at home? Be easy on the clippers

Many of us are struggling to stay groomed. This barber has some advice.

Chris Pomeleo owner of Prohibition Barbers
Chris Pomeleo is the owner of Prohibition Barbers in northeast Minneapolis. He offered advice on how to cut your hair at home.
Courtesy of Chris Pomeleo

The stay-at-home order has mandated all barbershops and hair salons close, but a lot of folks at home are still looking for ways to keep their appearance up for the daily Zoom meetings.

Chris Pomeleo, owner and barber at Prohibition Barbers in northeast Minneapolis, offers a few ways to maintain your hair while at home. Pomeleo’s advice? Take it easy on the scissors. 

“There's a lot of really, really blunt cuts coming that are going to be hard to grow out of, so I think that less is more is the most important piece of advice I can give,” he said.

Most importantly, Pomeleo said not to be so hard on yourself. No one is expecting you to look your best during a pandemic. 

“I think that if we get out of our head a little bit and realize that we're all going through this and we aren't the only ones with bad hair right now, it's gonna be OK, and have fun with it,” he said. 

Click the audio player above to listen to more tips and tricks for cutting your own hair.

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