The Warming House

Ep. 4: Bring it on 2021!

Ball and fireworks
The fireworks explode as the Waterford crystal ball is raised at the beginning of Times Square New Year's celebration, Dec. 31, 2012 in New York.
Mary Altaffer | Associated Press 2012

Welcome to the Warming House's New Year's Eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve Special! You may have noted our very own Brave Scotsman Euan Kerr, who moonlights as an MPR News reporter, at the end of the show reciting the Robert Burns poem "Auld Lang Syne" to get you in the mood for closure. But before that, we had a whole bunch of stuff...

This week's vinyl pick, by co-host Sean McPherson was an album from a man probably best known for being Muddy Waters' piano player, Otis Spann. His 1966 recording "The Blues Is Where It's At" is 10,000 percent where it's at for a New Year's Eve Party! (Yeah, okay, so we're not math people here in The Warming House, unlike our guest Jason Suss.)

Sean said about the album, "And what a perfect party! It’s casual; it’s sad; it’s happy. There’s real laughter! It’s just the best blues musicians on planet earth sharing an afternoon with their friends.”

For our relationship advice segment with The Current and Purple Current's Sanni Brown, we got a dance lesson. "Pick a body part," she advises. So, yeah. You'll just have to listen in to see what she means with that! No spoilers in The Warming House, peeps. 

And we got you covered from "Advice-ology" to "Mix-ology," mostly because we like to tack "ology" on the end of words. (Makes us experts in "Words-ology," we guess.) To that end, Bartender Extraordinaire, Jason Suss of A Proper Pour — and formerly Saint Dinette — tossed out some great drink recipes for your NYE: the "French 75" (well known in New Orleans), Sazerac Royale (with bitters!), and a non-alcoholic Lagunitas. Plus, he said, if you're spending over 40 bucks on champagne, it's not really worth it.

Our Silver Lining Story for this show was about a DJ doing good work by organizing a hoodie drive: "10,000 Hoodies for 10,000 Lakes." Co-host Nina Moini talked with Brandon "DJ Bonics" Glova, formerly the midday host at GO 95.3, about the service work he's doing collecting hoodies for folks in need.

Sean and Nina got the tables turned on them in a quiz provided by The Nordly and we ended the evening with Chan Poling giving us the deets on a streaming opportunity to hear The New Standards at The Dakota on Dec. 30. We know a lot of you missed their holiday show this year.

So, as we said, "Bring it on #2021!" What could possibly go wrong.


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