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Photos: Minnesotans gather to support Ukraine

Ukraine Support Rally
Residents hold signs and flags during a pro-Ukraine rally outside the St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church in response to Russia’s invasion of the country in Minneapolis on Thursday.
Tim Evans for MPR News

Members of Minnesota's Ukrainian American community and their supporters gathered Thursday evening outside St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church in Minneapolis to show support for Ukraine as it battles the ongoing attacks by Russia.

Carrying Ukrainian flags and signs reading "Stop Putin, Stop War," the group called for unified international action against Russia.

“International organizations must consider banning Russia's membership for flagrant violations of international law. We urge the international community to show solidarity with Ukraine by imposing immediately the massive coordinated sanctions against Russia,” said Luda Anastazievsky, who leads the Minnesota Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee.

In addition to economic action against Russia, the gathering also called for international aid for Ukraine. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was among the other speakers at the rally.