B+ weekend. Steamy air late next week?

Warm, sticky tropical air mass likely in about a week

Twin Cities area forecast at a glance
Twin Cities area forecast at a glance
Twin Cities National Weather Service office

It’s a typical June weekend in Minnesota.

Friday was almost perfectly normal for June 7 in the Twin Cities. Temperatures with a high of 78 and low of 58 degrees are almost on the 30-year climate norms of 77 and 58 degrees for June 7 in the Twin Cities.

A few showers early Saturday give way to mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies this weekend. Highs this weekend will range from the 70s central and south to the 60s north.

Forecast high temperatures Saturday
Forecast high temperatures Saturday.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Sunday brings slightly cooler air to northern Minnesota.

Forecast high temperatures Sunday
Forecast high temperatures Sunday

Next week looks pleasant for temperatures with highs gradually warming from the 70s into the 80s by Wednesday.

Forecast high temperatures Wednesday
Forecast high temperatures Wednesday

The forecast models favor possible heat and humidity in about a week. It looks like we could get close to 90 degrees by the weekend of June 15-16.

Check out the likely plume of tropical air pushing north into Minnesota starting the weekend of June 15-16. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System model dew point output below runs through the week of June 17.

NOAA GFS dew point output
Global Forecast System dew point output the week of June 17
NOAA, via Tropical Tidbits

A persistent shot of dew points in the tropical 70s is likely ahead.

Stay tuned and get that AC tuned up.

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