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Review: Portraits of women: 'The Chinese Lady' and 'Mary’s Wondrous Body'
Open Eye Theatre launched its season with “The Chinese Lady,” exploring America’s historical objectification of Asian American women; while Elision Playhouse presents “Mary’s Wondrous Body,” tackling reproductive rights and medical abuse.
Review: 'Shane' at the Guthrie: Unsettling the settlers
The Guthrie's adaptation of “Shane” reimagines the classic Western, confronting settler-colonial myths with new character perspectives, resulting in an engaging but unresolved examination of American West violence.
Review: Theater Mu’s Kung Fu Zombies Saga is a thought-provoking spectacle 
Theater Mu’s “Kung Fu Zombies Saga” at the Luminary Arts Center in Minneapolis offers a gripping two-act epic that combines family, grief and survival — with elements of hip hop, Southeast Asian mythology and 1980s cinema — delivering standout performances and fight choreography through Aug. 13.
MSPIFF 2023: A sampler platter of films from the festival
The Minnapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is back for its 42nd year, showcasing a variety of films from all over the world at The Main theater in Minneapolis. The MPR News arts and culture team offers a sampling of 11 of the films offered.
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