Water shortages and problems around Minnesota — and the country — have many wondering what is the true cost of clean and reliable water. This reporting is supported in part by The Water Main, a project of American Public Media.

Great Lakes advocates not pleased with Bush's spending plan
President Bush's proposed budget would shortchange efforts to clean up the Great Lakes and to keep problems such as sewage overflows and exotic species invasions from getting worse, critics said.
NASA-funded study to examine crops' effect on weather
A new study at South Dakota State University -- and funded by NASA -- will try to find out how a move from corn and soybeans to grasses grown primarily for biofuel would affect the weather.
Alternative energy plans a boost to wildlife habitat
Minnesota's natural resource managers say the growing demand for biofuels from the state's forests and prairies will have implications for wildlife habitat, water quality, and other ecological issues.
Feedlot regulation is a growing patchwork
From county to county and township to township, the decisions over whether to allow new livestock feedlot operations is very different. Does this make it harder or easier to get a new facility approved?
Roadside wells -- is free water better water?
There are about a dozen roadside stops in Minnesota that offer spring water to travelers. But are these sources of water safe?
The Citizens Board of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will vote today on a major revision to the state’s water quality rules. MPR has the story. MPR says the state’s decontamination trailers don’t trail so well. The Star Tribune continues its series on MnDOT – Money vs. Safety. Today they look at airport safety: “In…