Two local musicians share how they navigate sobriety

Justin Courtney Pierre performs in The Current studio
Lydia Hoglund, who performs as Lydia Liza, performs in The Current studio. Hoglund joined MPR News with Angela Davis to talk about her sobriety.
Nate Ryan | MPR

A musician's workplace is often a bar or nightclub.

Usually there's alcohol. Sometimes drugs.

But what happens when a musician decides to become sober? How do they navigate a world that doesn’t seem to encourage this new change?

Two local musicians, Lydia Hoglund (who performs under the name Lydia Liza) and Kevin Bowe, were featured in a City Pages article on navigating the music scene as sober musicians. They joined guest host Brandt Williams to talk about their journey, breaking points and how they continue to stay sober.

Kevin Bowe's basement holds a private studio for music production.
Kevin Bowe at his home basement in Minneapolis, Minn. on June 30, 2017. Bowe joined MPR News with Angela Davis to talk about his sobriety.
Maria Alejandra Cardona | MPR News

They were also joined by Sarah Souder Johnson, co-founder of Dissonance — an arts, mental health and recovery support organization. Souder Johnson is also a St. Paul-based psychotherapist at Sentier Psychotherapy.

This reporting is part of Call To Mind, MPR’s initiative to foster new conversations about mental health.

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