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Voting in the age of COVID-19

A woman with a mask on fills out a poll on a clip board
Richard Kaufman, a volunteer election official for the city of Superior, helped Betty Bockovich cast a vote at a curbside voting station outside the city's government center on Tuesday, April 7. Bockovich said she didn't want to go inside to vote because her daughter has severe medical issues.
Dan Kraker | MPR News

Election Day 2020 feels far away, but few dispute that voting will look different this year. Social distancing requirements and infection outbreaks will force most states to re-examine and adjust their rules. But will those rules — accidentally or by design — disadvantage groups of voters?

Tuesday, we launched the first of two conversations about voting in 2020. First up: How will voting change to accommodate the pandemic? And will those changes encourage or discourage voter involvement?


Ari Berman, journalist and author of “Give Us the Ballot”

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