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Talking Volumes: A conversation with Claudia Rankine

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MPR News host Kerri Miller (left) talks with poet and author Claudia Rankine about her new collection of essays "Just Us: An American Conversation."
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Kerri Miller hosts a conversation with poet, playwright, bestselling author, MacArthur Fellow, and Yale professor Claudia Rankine about her new collection “Just Us: An American Conversation.”

You can watch the conversation between Miller and Rankine here.

From the publisher:

Poet, playwright, bestselling author, MacArthur Fellow and Yale professor Claudia Rankine spoke with MPR News host Kerri Miller about “Just Us: An American Conversation,” a collection of essays in which she reflects, with signature candor, on a dinner conversation at which the 2016 presidential election comes up.

In “Just Us,” Rankine moves beyond the structure of her previous works, subverting her own narrative authority by engaging friends and strangers in a dialogue around race and whiteness that models for readers how they, too, might navigate a divided America.

Editor’s note (May 24, 2021): A previous version of this post failed to note copy provided by the publisher. The post has been updated.

Editor’s note (Oct. 2, 2020): This conversation has been rescheduled for Friday, Oct. 9, to accommodate breaking news coverage of President Trump announcing a positive coronavirus test for him and first lady Melania Trump.

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