US Olympic trials for curling get underway on the Iron Range

Skip Jamie Sinclair of St. Paul won her second consecutive national title.
St. Paul curler Skip Jamie Sinclair will complete in Eveleth this week. Here, she won her second consecutive national title at the 2018 USA Curling National Championships in 2018.
Ann Arbor Miller for MPR News 2018

The sport of curling has always been popular in northeastern Minnesota. Little towns on the Iron Range all had curling clubs, so it's appropriate that this week’s epicenter of curling in the United States is in Eveleth, Minnesota.

On Tuesday the U.S. Olympic Curling Trials get underway for mixed doubles teams at the Curl Mesabi Club in Eveleth. The winners will go on to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing in February. Pretty exciting stuff.

Two staffers at MPR News are fired up about this news as they themselves are curlers. Euan Kerr is an arts reporter and editor and Matt Mikus is a digital producer. They joined Cathy Wurzer on Minnesota Now to talk about the sport that has gained popularity over the past few years.

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