What Minnesota climate leaders are learning at COP26 in Glasgow

COP26 - Protests
A protester is seen speaking in to a megaphone while surrounded by police officers outside the COP26 on Wednesday in Glasgow, Scotland.
Peter Summers | Getty Images

As the climate crisis continues to fuel intensifying and unpredictable weather patterns across the globe, world leaders, climate experts and business leaders are gathered at the United Nation’s climate summit, also known as COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Minnesota is in the bull’s-eye when it comes to climate change. Earlier this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a report identifying Minnesota as one of the fastest-warming states in the U.S., with Minneapolis and Mankato topping the list of fastest-warming cities.

What does that mean for us? More severe heat waves, deeper droughts and even more wildfires. What can be done to reverse or prevent catastrophic climate change? What can we do to help protect vulnerable communities and natural habitats?

MPR News host Cathy Wurzer talked about all of that with Roopali Phadke, professor of environmental studies at Macalester College. Phadke is among the dozens of Minnesota delegates in attendance.

Use the audio player above to listen to the full conversation.

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