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Healing in the new year: The full conversation

Changes Made To New Years Eve In Times Square Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
The New Year's Eve ball drops in a mostly empty Times Square on Jan. 1, 2021, in New York City.
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We’re about to flip the calendar to a new year — thankfully. 2021 was another weird one, with churn and grief but also joy and gratitude.

In the last week of the year, we turned our attention to the transition from 2021 to 2022 through a series of discussions with a group of powerful women who are all coaches and healers. Here’s the full conversation, all in one place.

Mary Hayes Grieco is a forgiveness coach and author. She has taught her Eight Steps to Freedom forgiveness method for more than 30 years all over the world.

Susan Beaulieu is a citizen of the Red Lake Nation. She practices and teaches mindfulness and mind-body awareness to help people heal from childhood and generational trauma. 

Dr. Joi Lewis is an author, coach and consultant who teaches the Orange Method of Healing Justice.

Over the course of the conversation, host Cathy Wurzer and her guests talked about: how to use the transition from one year to the next as a time for healing; how to tune into your body to know what needs healing; tools, perspectives and spiritual practices you can use to relieve stress; and how to set intentions for 2022.

Let this funny, insightful conversation carry you into the new year on a healthier, more peaceful note.

Use the audio player above to listen to the full conversation.

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