'Heartbreak' looks at the pain of breaking up through the lens of science

An author photo and book cover
Florence Williams is a journalist, author and podcaster. Her latest book, “Heartbreak,” takes a personal and scientific look at how broken hearts affect us.
Author photo by Casie Zalud | Book cover courtesy of W.W. Norton & Company

Florence Williams’ world was blown apart when her husband said he wanted a divorce. She’d been with him since she was 18. Her whole adult life was wrapped up in being “us.”

What would happen when it was just her, alone?

Being a journalist and nature writer, she took her anguish to science to learn more about the connection between emotional and physical pain. Her new book, “Heartbreak,” investigates the ways in which extreme emotional pain can impact the body and the mind.

Host Kerri Miller talked with Williams about what she discovered about heartbreak as part of this latest Big Books and Bold Ideas conversation.


Use the audio player above to listen to the conversation.

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