From the archives: The gift of a garden in troubled times

Rebecca Winn, author of “One Hundred Daffodils.”
Rebecca Winn is an award-winning landscape designer and creator of the inspirational Facebook blog, Whimsical Gardens. “One Hundred Daffodils” is her first book.
Courtesy photo

Rebecca Winn became a landscape designer by instinct.

She knew that something about the flowers, the soil, the cycle and the discovery fed her soul.

When her life fell apart, it was her garden that taught her how to heal.

In her book, “One Hundred Daffodils,” she shares those lessons with us.

MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with Winn in March 2020, just as the pandemic was shutting the country down. The timing made for an especially beautiful conversation, and it remains poignant as we continue to process grief. Let it also serve as an appetizer for this Friday’s conversation between Miller and author Tamar Haspel when they talk about Haspel’s quest to grow her own food for a year.


To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above.

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