Minnesota Now for Jan. 25, 2023

A woman smiling by a microphone
MPR News host Cathy Wurzer

Faculty at Hamline University want the school’s president to resign. It's a non-binding vote, but we'll find out why they want her gone and what impact it might have.

There's new research into the causes of ovarian cancer that involve our guts’ microbiomes. A Mayo Clinic researcher joined Cathy with the details.

Governor Walz wants to move forward delivering what have become known as "Walz Checks" to Minnesotans. Cathy will find out how much and what's standing in the way of getting them to Minnesotans.

Paul Huttner joins the show with all the weather news you need — including dipping temperatures over the weekend.

A dance performance on Jan. 28 combines break dancing with traditional Indian and African dance styles. Cathy spoke with the choreographer about the inspiration and challenges of blending dance traditions.

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