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Minnesota Now - March 2, 2023

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Legislation in the state House and Senate would allow a terminally-ill patient to take medication to end their own life. How does this change the options for patients and their caregivers?

And 160 years ago this week the U.S. government nullified its treaties with the Dakota people, But we'll hear how Dakota sacred spaces and landmarks are well remembered by many.

The case of diabetic Minnesotan shines a light on the loose regulations surrounding THC edibles market. Reporter Tom Sheck investigates what is being done.

And we continue our series "Thank you, Stranger." All about small acts of kindness that have a big impact on the people they help. Today, a young man bums a ride that changes his life.

And we'll get all the sports news from our resident sports experts Wally Langfellow and Eric Nelson.

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